Friday, January 7, 2011

Reproductive Health RH Bill and the Catholic Church

I believe a proper RH bill should be passed the sooner the better due to the following scenes which we may have encountered  on a daily basis.
Suffer the little children

These are children that I happen to pass by after coming from work. The walkway or pedestrian pass is located and connects to 2 big and major malls. As can be seen in the photos, hardship and deprivation started early for these young  children.

As we pass them by in our busy daily existence, it's either we feel pity or apathy towards them. Probably oblivious to their plight having our own problems.

Being reputedly the only Christian  country in Asia in terms of adherence and population, we are given a tremendous amount of  opportunity to practice such through Christian charity.

Do we feel compassion or are we immune to these kind of scenes that we see probably almost daily. Hence. if a parent or a person cannot support a child, one should not have them.

This is why I support the Reproductive Health Bill because of such and I believe it would help in proper spacing of the children and may pave the way for responsible parenting with fewer kids to look after.

This is why I am opposed to the Catholic church's stand with regards to family planning and on the use of contraception. If they are adamant in blocking the RH bill and campaign against it, they should do something about the plight of these kids (or are the member of the clergy oblivious to them too.) They should be pro-active and make concrete steps if they want to truly help the poor like children like these.

The way I see it, the clergy in this country lives a comfortable life. For those of us who are Catholics, you probably know what I mean.

I greatly admired what Carlos Celdran did and it was good timing that Cardinal Rosales and the Papal Nuncio were there to get the message across. If they understood it or acknowledge it, is another matter.

So maybe the clergy should take care and adopt these kids and hundreds like them and practice what they preach.

Please note that I myself am a Catholic and this is not meant to attack the Catholic church. I just do not agree with the Catholic church's policy on population and frustrated that most politicians are so scared (and helpless) to contradict the Catholic church as well as other church sects.


  1. So you mean to say that if the RH bill becomes a law, these children will be removed from poverty?

  2. No, you and I know that. But if people, poor people are given access through the passage of the RH Bill they will have a choice and as such fewer children that they could barely support.

    Why? Don't you think overpopulation is a contributor to poverty? Do you think having more children is helping the poor? Is it okay if they live like this as shown in the photos?

  3. Do you really think that the parents of these children would even bother to visit health workers? The RH bill even if passed, won't be properly implemented, the winner in the end are the business that would profit from this fat contract, money! :)